Birmingham 2022

We were incredibly proud to have been the official medical providers for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games!

For West Midlands Ambulance Service, it was the biggest sporting event that we have ever had to provide medical cover for, working with the medical teams put in place by the Organising Committee. On this page you’ll find our Commonwealth Games news releases as well as photos/videos about our involvement in the Games.

Latest News:

See below our Commonwealth Games news releases:


Monday 8th August: That’s a wrap! What an incredible couple of weeks for the West Midlands. It’s been such a brilliant morale booster for everyone involved and it’s been great to be part of history.

Monday 8th August: Paul and Hannah topping off a fantastic couple of weeks by covering the Closing Ceremony.

Monday 8th August: It’s golden hour at the Alex as Laura poses for a quick pic before the show.

Monday 8th August: Joshua ready and waiting to see all the fantastic acts at the Alex.

Monday 8th August: Press Officer Shauna is at the Alexander Stadium ready for an incredible closing ceremony.

Monday 8th August: WMAS Governor Julie has been volunteering at the Games and managed to grab a last snap with Perry.

Monday 8th August: Jo, Edd, Cameron and Chris on shift ready for the Closing Ceremony at the Alexander Stadium.

Monday 8th August: Keith (crouched down) is a Vehicle Preparation Operative (VPO) at Dudley. During the Games, he’s been in a different role as a Games Volunteer. This pic is from his last shift with Perry at Smithfield.

Monday 8th August: Great to meet Thames Valley and Essex Police colleagues assisting West Mids Police whilst HART were on standby in Birmingham city centre last night.

Monday 8th August: Kully is a Vehicle Preparation Operative (VPO) at our Deployment Centre in Oldbury. He is on shift today getting the vehicles restocked, refuelled and security sealed for this evening’s ceremony at the Alexander Stadium.

Monday 8th August: Alison, who is about to join us as a CFR in Leamington is over at the squash with Chris today!

Monday 8th August: As well as our staff out at the games, we have our amazing team including Amy and Laura, who are working incredibly hard to coordinate everything over at Trust headquarters!

Monday 8th August: Stephen and Lucille are enjoying the final day of the Commonwealth Games while managing to catch a bit of Squash!

Monday 8th August: There was plenty to cheer about for Emma and Stuart at the hockey pitch as England overcame South Africa to claim a bronze medal!

Monday 8th August: Adam is soaking up the sunshine over at University of Birmingham for the men’s hockey finals!

Monday 8th August: While covering events over at University of Birmingham yesterday, Mike bumped into squash gold medallist Georgina Kennedy!

Sunday 7th August: Paul Johnson and Chris Booker were one of four ambulance crews on duty for the penultimate session of the athletics.

Sunday 7th August: Sunglasses at the ready as the sun shone down at the Alexander Stadium this morning for Stuart McHale, Holly Seymour, Luke Thrussell and Kim Corbett.

Sunday 7th August: Stephen O’Boyle and Stephen Evans were on duty at the Alexander Stadium for the penultimate athletics session of the Games.

Sunday 7th August: Proud moment or Paramedic Marc who was lucky enough to meet Gina Kennedy, England’s squash gold medalist 

Sunday 7th August: But we’re just part of a much bigger medical team, as you can see.

Sunday 7th August: It’s finals day at the hockey and hockey and here are the two crews and commander at the venue for us

Sunday 7th August: Press Officer Jordan is out with Tactical Incident Commander Tim today, but it looks like the weather is too nice not to have a quick pits stop and an ice cream – hope she got Tim one too!

Sunday 7th August: Lawrence and Andrew are another of the six crews we have on duty for the Road Race in Warwickshire

Sunday 7th August: Not sure that Josh is likely to get a late call up for the England team though!

Sunday 7th August: A different Josh, along with Chris are providing cover at the Badminton today.

Sunday 7th August: Marc and Josh are part of the team working in Warwick today

Sunday 7th August: And now Press officer Jamie has found him at the Alexander Stadium

Sunday 7th August: Now it looks like he fancies a career change after the Games are over.

Sunday 7th August: He gets everywhere does Perry: here he is with Jordan, Danni, Sam, Marc and Bryony at the Aquatics Centre

Sunday 7th August: Because it’s a road race, we’ll have bikers Graeme and Mark just behind the peloton during both the men’s and women’s events

Sunday 7th August: Cat meets dog! Catherine got to meet Sparky the police dog earlier.

Sunday 7th August: The team from FastAid helping out at Zone X at the NEC – Rosie, Matt, Alison and Hiran

Sunday 7th August: The finishing straight for the Road Race in Warwick won’t be this quiet later, either!

Sunday 7th August: Bet it’s not as quiet as this now!

Saturday 6th August: One of our crews standing by at the athlete’s village – we’re there 24/7.

Saturday 6th August: Lauren with one of our equipment vehicles

Saturday 6th August: England’s 4 x 100m relay team with James and Lauren

Saturday 6th August: Lauren and James with the BBC’s Radzi Chinyanganga

Saturday 6th August: Two of our crews at the Alexander Stadium

Saturday 6th August: Before every shift at the Games, our staff get a detailed briefing to make sure they have the latest information. Tonight, our Chief Executive was on hand to give the update.

Saturday 6th August: Your team at the Alexander Stadium tonight.

Saturday 6th August: Your team at the hockey this evening: Dave, Scott, Jake, Mark, Hannah, Gavin and Tanisha.

Saturday 6th August: We’re not quite sure what Claire and her mum are like at squash, but they certainly look the part!

Saturday 6th August: Zoe Bell (not Ball!) and Kirsty are another part of our team at the cricket today

Saturday 6th August: Earlier, Lee, who is working at the Alexander Stadium got a moment to meet his family who are also there as spectators

Saturday 6th August: Practice over, learning points discussed, time for a team photo. Good job everyone.

Saturday 6th August: As you can see, a great deal of care is involved in safely getting the injured athlete out of the ring safely.

Saturday 6th August: Here the Games Medical team and our staff worked together on a scenario to extricate a boxer who had been knocked out.

Saturday 6th August: Although we all hope none of the athletes gets hurt, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to be prepared.

Saturday 6th August: What a lovely day for some top class cricket – Rob and Cat on hand, just in case!

Saturday 6th August: Hannah and Jas emulating the great Perry!

Saturday 6th August: How unfortunate is this – Mrs Thomas, whose daughter Claire works in the WMAS press office, got a role as a volunteer at the Games. Sadly, she caught COVID so has had to miss a few shifts. Thankfully she’s now fighting fit and raring to go and even found time to say hi to Claire today.

Saturday 6th August: Dax, in the middle, is well known for being mad about cricket so was happy as larry to get shifts at Edgbaston. He’s pictured with Jennifer and Hayden here.

Saturday 6th August: No-one could say that Perry hasn’t been the real star of the show – so many people wanting a quick selfie with him, like Nic and some of the team at the hockey today

Saturday 6th August: The Games are a ‘blue light’ team effort – here, John, Lucy, Abi and Claire pose for a photo with their colleagues from the police at the Aquatics centre.

Saturday 6th August: As well as our staff, the Games are being supported by Community First Responders, like the team from FastAid who are at Zone X at the NEC today

Saturday 6th August: As well as hundreds of our staff working at the Commonwealth Games, many more are enjoying the festival of sport with their family. Hollymoor Paramedic Sid, has been to the boxing venue with his son, though i think he might have the wrong size of gloves?

Saturday 6th August: Jas and Hannah are part of our team at the hockey today

Friday 5th August: Meeting gold medal winners Matty Lee and Noah Williams who scooped the Synchronised 10m platform.

Friday 5th August: understanding the layout of the venue is a vital part of our teams preparations ahead of each session. Peter, Lauren, Abbie, Adam, Tim and Lucy were doing just that when we grabbed a photo with them.

Friday 5th August: England face the team they beat in the final four years ago – Australia – on Saturday night. Ahead of the match England captain Nat Metcalf took a moment to meet Mike Barlow.

Friday 5th August: Amy and Cam were at the beach volleyball and got to meet England’s men’s pair, the Bello brothers.

Friday 5th August: After meeting Ugandan Netball GS Mary Cholhok, what are Linda and Ben to do but find out just how tricky the game really is! Guess who won!

Friday 5th August: Bet Perry never thought he would meet someone bigger than him – he clearly hadn’t met ‘Tiny’ before now had he!

Friday 5th August: Adam, Lucy, Lauren and Abbie waiting for the hockey to start

Friday 5th August: Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Michelle Brotherton is on the late shift at the Alexander Stadium with this bunch of smiling faces.

Friday 5th August: Making a splash! Group shot of the crews over at Sandwell Aquatics today, they even managed to get a picture with some of the athletes!

Friday 5th August: Crews are out enjoying their day at University of Birmingham today at the women’s hockey.

Friday 5th August: Recruitment Manager, Louise Jones, enjoying the festivities with the family in Centenary Square.

Friday 5th August: FastAid CFR Christina Haddon on shift at Edgbaston Cricket.

Friday 5th August: Group shot at University of Birmingham where there’s hockey on today.

Friday 5th August: Smiles all around from Lisa, Georgia and Chezney at the Arena in Coventry for the wrestling.

Friday 5th August: Crews working the bowls in Leamington today taking a snap with Trust Executive Medical Director, Alison Walker.

Friday 5th August: Ross and James ready for day eight of action!

Friday 5th August: Small ambulance crews or big chair? That’s the question at the Alex.

Friday 5th August: Sharnie-Ann and Stacey stop to watch a bit of athletics whilst on a walkaround at the Alexander Stadium.

Friday 5th August: Love at first sight! Sandwell Venue Commander Ameta grabs a snuggle with Perry.

Friday 5th August: Danni, Sam, Robyn, Lee and Venue Commander Ameta ready for another day of diving at the Aquatics Centre in Sandwell.

Friday 5th August: Staff stop for a group pic in Leamington for the bowls.

Friday 5th August: It’s shades on for another beautiful morning at the Alex Stadium for the athletics.

Friday 5th August: What a way to kick off the eighth day of sporting action with this spectacle at the Alexander Stadium.

Friday 5th August: Another busy shift for the Vehicle Preparation Operatives at the Trust’s Deployment Centre. They’ve been ensuring all vehicles are restocked, refuelled and security sealed ready for another day of action.

Thursday 4th August: Next Commonwealth’s boxing squad? Paramedics and medics covering the boxing at the NEC today.

Thursday 4th August: Paramedic Robert bumped into Cooks Island weightlifter Maine Lynch at the NEC.

Thursday 4th August: Hello down there! Crews at University of Birmingham for the Squash bumped into some particularly tall players on campus!

Thursday 4th August: It’s time for some diving at the brand new Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

Thursday 4th August: On her rest day today, 999/111 Call Assessor Kerry has been watching the amazing athletics at the Alexander Stadium & said “Great to see the service out & about. What an amazing atmosphere and event.”

Thursday 4th August: Alexandra managed to bump into Perry whilst at work at the NEC!

Thursday 4th August: In the sunshine at the NEC are Ryan, Amy, Alex and Dave.

Thursday 4th August: Another part of the route of the time trials in West Park is Rob, Martin, Arthur and Rory.

Thursday 4th August: Venue Commanders Ungie and Dave with Perry!

Thursday 4th August: Mike, Nat, Monty and Liam at Edgbaston Cricket for Barbados vs India match. Sunnies at the ready! Gorgeous day.

Thursday 4th August: With time trials happening in the Black Country and various road closures, Motorcycle Paramedics Mark and Graham were on duty to get through the crowds in two wheels to reach patients.

Thursday 4th August: Venue Commander Liz with four of our staff providing medical cover at Victoria Park in Leamington.

Thursday 4th August: Here’s some of the faces who are on duty at Smithfield site in Birmingham today!

Thursday 4th August: Here’s Gavin, Jake, Ungie, PJ and Becky in the sunshine at the NEC Games site.

Thursday 4th August: Faye and Steve by the B2022 logo in West Park, Wolverhampton for the cycling time trials.

Thursday 4th August: Cam, Laura and Niamh on duty in West Park, Wolverhampton for the cycling.

Thursday 4th August: Stoke paramedic Tony getting to grips with the game at Edgbaston as South Africa take on Sri Lanka in the cricket.

Thursday 4th August: It’s time trail day today in Wolverhampton! Faye and Steve are on hand at West Park covering the event.

Thursday 4th August: CFR Hilary Dowson has swapped her uniform for a bright colourful one this week for the Commonwealth Games. Hilary is based at the Smithfield venue with the Games Family looking after the dignitaries.

Wednesday 3rd August: Dave (right) with his crewmate making friends with a Commonwealth Games volunteer!

Wednesday 3rd August: Kelly and Nathan just casually with the Team Ghana athletes!

Wednesday 3rd August: Student Paramedic Beth taking five whilst at Smithfield in Birmingham.

Wednesday 3rd August: Here’s who was on shift from WMAS at the Alexander Stadium (Perry not included)

Wednesday 3rd August: Tony and Ella (our famous baton bearer) were on shift at Cannock Chase for the mountain biking.

Wednesday 3rd August: Here’s Andy and Karen at the NEC working the badminton finals.

Wednesday 3rd August: Such a gloriously sunny day for a shift at the Alexander Stadium! Here’s James and his crewmate.

Wednesday 3rd August: Gold medallist alert! Jo, Fizz, Rebecca and Tanya (L-R) managed to grab Team England’s Evie Richards who secured Gold in the Women’s Mountain Biking at Cannock Chase.

Wednesday 3rd August: Jaswant, Jamie, Leigh, Rachel and Thomas having a sit down at Victoria Park, Leamington for the lawn bowls.

Wednesday 3rd August: Lucy and Liam grab a snap with Cameroon Weightlifting Gold Medallist Junior Periclex Ngadja Nyabeyeu at the NEC.

Wednesday 3rd August: Jas, Rachel, Jamie and Thomas loving the weather whilst covering the Lawn Bowls at Victoria Park.

Wednesday 3rd August: Crews at Edgbaston Cricket Ground who were there to see Australia beat Pakistan in the Women’s Cricket T20.

Wednesday 3rd August: FastAid Community First Responders Terry, John and Gareth are on hand over The Chase.

Wednesday 3rd August: Loz and Steve have their foam hands ready at the Mountain Biking for some ‘high fives’ off the athletes.

Wednesday 3rd August: Rebecca, Jo, Tanya and Fizz trackside at the Men’s and Women’s Mountain Biking at Cannock Chase. A fabulous day to catch some rays too!

Wednesday 3rd August: Here’s just some of the staff who are ‘behind the scenes’ supporting the Commonwealth Games from our control room in Brierley Hill.

Wednesday 3rd August: Put ’em up! The medical team are ready at the NEC for another day of weightlifting and boxing.

Wednesday 3rd August: Morning from the early ambulance shift at Sandwell Aquatics Centre, the only brand-new venue for the Games.

Wednesday 3rd August: It’s Mountain Biking day at Cannock Chase, as the Men’s Cross Country takes place in the morning and Women’s this afternoon.

Wednesday 3rd August: Ryan, Alex, Georgina, Adam and Jacob are on shift today at the Coventry Arena for the Judo.

Wednesday 3rd August: Good morning from the Trust’s Commonwealth Games Deployment Centre! Can’t believe we are halfway through the competition already.

Tuesday 2nd August: Smiles all around from David and Deb who have been completing a shift in the Tactical Command Suite.

Tuesday 2nd August: A mix of emotions for Jamie and Callum who completed their last shift of the Games today. “It’s been an absolute blast and everyone’s been so friendly!”

Tuesday 2nd August: “I can’t explain how excited I was to work at the Aquatics Centre – all that nostalgia from my swimming competitions came flooding back!” – Paramedic Colleen.

Tuesday 2nd August: Whilst patrolling the University of Birmingham villages, this pair had to stop for a quick snap with Perry.

Tuesday 2nd August: Josh, Jamie, Alistair, Tim, Jamie and Neil in the dugout at Edgbaston Cricket ground.

Tuesday 2nd August: The perfect fit. Priya and Abi get a shot at trying on some judo kit and posing with Dermot Heslop from British Judo.

Tuesday 2nd August: Nathan, Priya, Abi and Vicky all ready for their post-match interviews at the Judo.

Tuesday 2nd August: Where can we get one of these beach chairs? Asking for a friend…

Tuesday 2nd August: Community First Responders (CFRs) Brandon and Ian are at the Coventry Arena assisting control with jobs in and around the zone.

Tuesday 2nd August: Wow! Richard Malin had the pleasure of meeting running legend Paula Radcliffe at the Alexander Stadium.

Tuesday 2nd August: Steve, Ricky, Loz and Rob over at The Chase for the Mountain Biking practice day, featuring the HART team’s Polaris ready for any terrain!

Tuesday 2nd August: Here’s Nicola, Venue Commander Tom and Sam ‘papped’ in the press interview area of the Utilita Arena in Birmingham.

Tuesday 2nd August: Crewmates Kerry & Jessica were lucky enough to see the training area & chalked up their hands just in case their gymnast skills were needed as a back up for #TeamEngland

Tuesday 2nd August: Fionnuala and Emily were spectator side for their shift today and said it was an amazing atmosphere. Here they are with Venue Commander, Tom with the gymnastics just about to begin in the background.

Monday 1st August: Here’s Perry meeting more members of ambulance staff.

Monday 1st August: Another pair who have found some B2022 props and seized the opportunity for a selfie!

Monday 1st August: Super strength from Katie at the weightlifting.

Monday 1st August: “Covering this event was amazing! Incredible representation of women and their strength!” Crewmates Lillie and Cam rub shoulders with Weightlifting Gold Medallist, Sarah Davies at the NEC.

Monday 1st August: Andy and Matt were thrilled to meet England’s 3×3 Women’s Basketball team.

Monday 1st August: Girl power! Lucille Hobbs keeps the boys in check at the boxing.

Monday 1st August: Josh, Andy, Matt, Chloe, Taya and Jamie took the chance to meet Perry!

Monday 1st August: Tim Porter met some mountain bike competitors whilst working in the Athlete’s Village.

Monday 1st August: Mark Hayes (middle) and his colleagues try their hand at the balance beam.

Monday 1st August: Katie Howse, Letina Walsh and Emma Round on duty in our Emergency Operations Centre Commonwealth Games Control.

Monday 1st August: There were enough ambulance staff on duty at the Rugby Sevens to enter a team and still have two subs.

Monday 1st August: Daniel and Nicola were covering table tennis at the NEC.

Monday 1st August: Natalie Port and Zafreen Khaliq got in on the act with the props at the Rugby Sevens.

Monday 1st August: Lucille and Alistair were another crew who were at the NEC ready to help.

Monday 1st August: Steve and John were on duty at the NEC, where a wide range of sports take place.

Monday 1st August: Chris Neale and Olivia Sheppard were all smiles when meeting Chris Murray, who had just won weightlifting gold.

Monday 1st August: Faye and Jasmine took the chance to say hi to Perry outside Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

Monday 1st August: Becky Mortimer grabbed this quick picture before Sandwell Aquatics Centre filled up ready for action.

Monday 1st August: Sarah Parker-Jones and Dean Hewitt were on hand at the Judo.

Monday 1st August: Keeley Deery, Abby Clifford-Smith, Jacob Bradley, Simon Price, John Lough at Coventry Arena.

Monday 1st August: Student Paramed Ella Davies gets ready for another day of Commonwealth Games cover.

Monday 1st August: Abbi Robinson, Nicole Brown, Rich Alexander, Matthew Tiso and Martin Leedman at Victoria Park, Leamington.

Monday 1st August: Former Worcester County bowls champion Martin Leedman met Team England’s Jamie Chesney and Louis Ridout after they had just defeated Wales.

Monday 1st August: Vehicle Preparation Operatives Joan and Sanu kicked day five off with this fantastic sunset image, taken at our CWG deployment centre in Oldbury.

Sunday 31st July: Connor James and Emily Ellen put themselves in the frame!

Sunday 31st July: A golden moment for Darren and Stuart as they got to wear two of the medals won by South Africa’s men’s team at the Rugby Sevens.

Sunday 31st July: Jack Wildman met Perry the Bull whilst working on a night shift at the Athlete’s Village.

Sunday 31st July: Claire Jones had the huge honour of wearing the gold medal of para-triathlete winner Katie Crowhurst.

Sunday 31st July: Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer James Burton met Canada’s Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith.

Sunday 31st July: Becky Richardson and her colleague had great fun meeting lots of competitors when working at the Athlete’s Village.

Sunday 31st July: Lots of smiles on show from staff covering the gymnastics at Arena Birmingham.

Sunday 31st July: Joint working is incredibly important in the emergency services. Here’s Katie Looker with Hertfordshire PCs at the rugby in Coventry.

Sunday 31st July: Our Medical Director Alison was at Victoria Park in Leamington to watch the bowls (cheering on an old school friend competing!) and took the chance to get a photo with some of our staff based there.

Sunday 31st July: Here’s Liz, Mike, Jack, Luca and Dani who have been on duty at Victoria Park in Leamington for the bowls.

Sunday 31st July: What a glorious afternoon! Here’s our team of ambulance staff at the University of Birmingham for the hockey.

Sunday 31st July: Coventry Arena crews on duty and ready to help whilst the Rugby 7s final gets underway.

Sunday 31st July: Here’s Paramedic Laura with Team England SILVER winner weightlifter Jessica Gordon Brown! Fantastic!

Sunday 31st July: Abby, Ryan, Jade and Simon ringside at the NEC for boxing!

Sunday 31st July: Here’s our staff at the Coventry Arena for the Rugby 7s.

Sunday 31st July: Perry the bull is a busy mascot! Here he is with Ria, Abbie, Katie and Katinka at the NEC.

Sunday 31st July: John, Mark, Sapphire and Callum with good old Perry the mascot at the University of Birmingham.

Sunday 31st July: This crew were lake-side for the triathlon in Sutton Park.

Sunday 31st July: Commander Leigh in the command room with fellow emergency service colleagues in Sutton Park.

Sunday 31st July: Fastaid CFRs Terry and Judith on the way to a job in Sutton Park. Terry was a baton bearer earlier this week!

Sunday 31st July: Motorcycle Paramedic Graham on standby at Sutton Park during the triathlon….and glad that it was a bit cooler!

Sunday 31st July: The obligatory selfie frame photo with two more of our staff working at Arena Birmingham.

Sunday 31st July: Here’s some of the staff who were based at Arena Birmingham!

Sunday 31st July: Now don’t they look happy! Another crew on duty covering the triathlon in Sutton Park.

Sunday 31st July: To cover a triathlon, we had several crews along the route in Sutton just in case anyone needed medical assistance.

Sunday 31st July: Jamie from the Press Office had the pleasure of meeting Tanni Grey-Thompson whilst at Sutton Park!

Sunday 31st July: Someone doesn’t look impressed with the foam hand messing his hair up! This cheeky crew were at Sutton park for the triathlon.

Sunday 31st July: Clinical Team Mentor Linda made a new Games friend whilst on shift at Edgbaston cricket.

Sunday 31st July: Paramedic Sapphire met up with Team Wales Emyr Evans whilst at the University of Birmingham. Wow!

Sunday 31st July: Our staff at Sutton Park for the triathlon made quite a few friends!

Sunday 31st July: Robyn, Hannah, Chris, Becky and Josh were based at the University of Birmingham for the squash (the game, not drink!)

Saturday 30th July: Say hello to Katie, Ryan, Benjamin and Joshua who were based at the Coventry Arena for the rugby.

Saturday 30th July: Deb and Cat only went and met Ellie Simmonds whilst on duty at Sandwell Aquatics! Amazing!

Saturday 30th July: Here’s three of our staff who were at the University of Birmingham covering the hockey.

Saturday 30th July: Bryony showing us all how it’s done at the weightlifting in the NEC!

Saturday 30th July: As part of his tour to meet staff working the Games, Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsh and Greig visited the Bull and met colleagues from Staffordshire and West Midlands Police.

Saturday 30th July: There was a friendly game of bowls at Victoria Park in Leamington between the emergency services which, we’re told, WMAS won! Great photo!

Saturday 30th July: Steve and Katie were lucky enough to meet Team Wales whilst at Sandwell Aquatics!

Saturday 30th July: Willenhall Paramedic (and Mayor of Sandwell!) Richard Jones bumped into Willenhall colleagues at Sandwell Aquatics whilst watching the swimming.

Saturday 30th July: Jamie and Holly on duty at Arena Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: This crew were part of the medical cover at the gymnastics in Arena Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: Behind the scenes at Arena Birmingham for the gymnastics.

Saturday 30th July: Verity and Holly got this great shot whilst at Arena Birmingham. What an amazing venue!

Saturday 30th July: Emily and Rachel made some new Mexican friends whilst at Coventry Arena for the Rugby!

Saturday 30th July: Our Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsh visited our Commonwealth Games deployment centre in Oldbury to meet the staff working hard to maintain vehicles and organise our operational response.

Saturday 30th July: Lee, Alex, Hannah and James practice their weightlifting whilst at the NEC. Looks easy enough to us!

Saturday 30th July: Becky and Jenny managed to meet the Samoa heavyweight team whilst on duty at the NEC athletes village as well as other athletes too!

Saturday 30th July: Our Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsh dropped into the Command Centre in our Brierley Hill control room who are overseeing the Games.

Saturday 30th July: Stoke Paramedic Dave and Willenhall Student Para Cat with Perry at Edgbaston Cricket for New Zealand vs South Africa.

Saturday 30th July: Here’s some of our happy staff with Perry at Victoria Park in Leamington for the bowls.

Saturday 30th July: Perfect place for a quick sit down in Smithfield, Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: A paramedic and technician in the spectator stand at the Smithfield venue in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: HART B Team Joe, Loz, Ben, Rob and Ian posing with Perry outside the REP Theatre in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: This trio made friends with two very lovely volunteers whilst on duty at the Utilita Arena in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: A crew along the route of the marathon in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: A crew standing by in Victoria Square for the marathon in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: Abby, James, Helen and Ross at the start line of the Marathon in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: Here’s WMAS Paramedics Olivia and Katie very excited to meet Perry the Commonwealth Games mascot at the NEC in Birmingham!

Saturday 30th July: That cheeky bull Perry is always photo bombing isn’t he! Say hello to Scott and Muryam who have been based at the 40km checkpoint for the marathon in Birmingham.

Saturday 30th July: Great partnership working at the NEC Birmingham outside of the arena where netball is taking place to keep everyone safe and well. Here’s Matthew, Claire, Emily and Tim with some new police friends they’ve made.

Saturday 30th July: If you look really carefully you might see Rachel, Mindy and Kirsty in-front of the HUGE mechanical bull which featured in the opening ceremony! He’s had a stroll from the Alexander stadium since then and is now in Centenary Square.

Friday 29th July: Steve and Scott were on shift at the University of Birmingham which is not only where hockey is based, but squash is being played there too.

Friday 29th July: It was a glorious day for some outside hockey at the University of Birmingham, with medical provision provided by this lovely lot.

Friday 29th July: Here’s the staff who were on the late shift at Edgbaston Cricket where Barbados won against Pakistan. Gotta love a selfie frame!

Friday 29th July: Tiny staff or huge deckchair? Lauren, Angela and Lucy were on duty at Smithfield in Birmingham.

Friday 29th July: What a great team photo of our crews working the late shift at the NEC in Birmingham – yes they’re on a boxing ring!

Friday 29th July: CELEB ALERT! Gavin, at Victoria Park in Leamington, only went and met Para-bowlers Craig Bowler and Kieran Rollings during his shift! Top photo!

Friday 29th July: Gareth and Tom with Perry the statue at Birmingham’s Athletes Village.

Friday 29th July: Here’s Ben, Priya, Gemma and Adam having a quick sit down at the Boxing at the NEC in Birmingham.

Friday 29th July: Perry has been very busy today & managed to get across to Edgbaston Cricket to meet our AM and PM crews on shift there. Great pic!

Friday 29th July: When volunteers met WMAS! Here’s Kate, Kath and Linda with their new #B2022 volunteer friends, one of which is a fellow medic – Shelly from QEHB Trauma unit!

Friday 29th July: These staff wasted no time to get an obligatory team photo during their break whilst on duty at Sutton Park earlier today. Great work!

Friday 29th July: Howzat! Here’s some of our staff who have been providing medical cover to athletes, Games officials and spectators at Edgbaston Cricket.

Friday 29th July: Here’s Nathan, Jo, Gavin and Lucy who only went and found the real #B2022 Perry at Victoria Park in Leamington! Such a great first day of sports.

Friday 29th July: Couldn’t resist a photo with a Commonwealth Games selfie frame! Thanks Mark, Alex, Sadie & Alicia for stopping to say hi at the NEC.

Friday 29th July: Kat and Holly were hoping to find the real Perry but had to settle for this one instead at the NEC.

Friday 29th July: Here’s Venue Commander Ungie and Emergency Preparedness Manager Keith inside the joint command room at the NEC.

Friday 29th July: Here’s just some of our staff we have on duty at the NEC in Birmingham today. It’s a HUGE site & many staff have almost reached their 10,000 steps for the day!

Thursday 28th July: Crewmates Danni and Sam at the Alexander stadium on the night of the opening ceremony.

Thursday 28th July: Rob, Cam, Jo and Jodie managed to get a quick peek at the incredible opening ceremony in-between treating patients who required our help.

Thursday 28th July: Two decades with WMAS! Congratulations to our Head of Emergency Planning and Commonwealth Games Lead, James Williams, who celebrates 20 years with the service whilst on shift at the Opening Ceremony!

Thursday 28th July: Lauren, Brandon, Jennifer and Alex (left to right) catch a sneaky glimpse of the stadium before spectators descend on the stands.

Thursday 28th July: Crewmates Tom Clarke and Craig Bower have been working at the stadium whilst final preparations have been underway for the Opening Ceremony.

Thursday 28th July: “It’s behind you!” Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer Nathan Hudson catches glimpse of the ‘Raging Bull’ before it heads out into the Alexander Stadium for the ceremony.

Thursday 28th July: Trust Chief Executive Anthony Marsh, visits the Trust’s Commonwealth Games Deployment Centre to thank crews before they headed out to the Opening Ceremony.

Thursday 28th July: Police Dog Jeff from Dorset Police looks like he’s found his next career! He jumped on board to do his thing at a vehicle check point and stopped to pose for his handler. Paw-ramedic Jeff!

Thursday 28th July: Gavin from Shrewsbury Hub and Olivia from Sandwell hub had a strong badge collecting day whilst on duty at the NEC Athletes Village – look at their lanyards! Badges from lots of the countries competing. After exchanging badges, Team Pakistan and Singapore requested a photo with the crew!

Thursday 28th July: Paramedic Jessica managed to take this epic selfie at the top of the 10 metre diving board during the final practice session at Sandwell Aquatics Centre!

Tuesday 26th July: Crewmates Beth and Roisin carry out their first operational shift of the Games at the Alexander Stadium for the final dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony.

Tuesday 26th July: Community First Responder Terry Flower is the latest of Team WMAS to take part in the Queen’s Baton Relay. On the penultimate day of the relay, Terry’s leg took place in his hometown of Solihull.

Monday 25th July: Although the competition hasn’t yet kicked off, all venues are buzzing with activity as athletes carry out final training preparations. As a result, we have crews out providing medical cover, like Claire who was at Sandwell Aquatics Centre: “Such a brilliant venue and got to say hi to the England Diving team!”

Sunday 24th July: Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsh met some of the staff who will be working the Games at the Trust’s newest ambulance hub. This is the deployment centre for our operations during the Games.

Sunday 24th July: Although it’s 3 days to go, all of the venues are a hive of activity with last minute training going on and we’re providing medical cover. Catherine and Debbi have been working at the fantastic aquatics centre in Sandwell – what a place!

Sunday 24th July: Chief Executive Officer Anthony Marsh visited our command centre, based in our emergency operations centre (EOC) in Brierley hill, which will be overseeing the Trust’s entire operations at the Games.

Tuesday 19th July: Student Paramedic Ella completed her part of the Queen’s Baton Relay in Stafford.

Tuesday 19th July: Volunteer Community First Responder Mark rode a metal elephant across Ironbridge for his batonbearer duties.

27th May 2022: With two month’s to go until the start of the Commonwealth Games, WMAS Commonwealth Games Planning Lead James Williams, gives an update on our new hub which will be the deployment centre for our involvement in the Games.