Student Paramedic

The exceptionally popular and successful Student Paramedic training programme at West Midlands Ambulance Service provides an alternative route for you to gain your dream job.

What do I need to apply?

What does the Recruitment process involve?

To assist with your application please read the below documents which explains the recruitment process and training programme as well as providing some helpful hints and tips to help you to prepare. Also, recognising the impact that COVID-19 has had over the last year on education, we are pleased to announce that we will accept applications from anyone awaiting their Level 3 results:

Student Paramedic Application Support September 2021

Student Paramedic FAQs

Fitness Assessment: 
As part of the assessment you will be required to demonstrate the following;
Resting heart rate: <90 bpm
Blood pressure: <160 systolic <95 diastolic
Leg / back strength test: minimum of 117kg (3 attempts given)
Hand grip test: Minimum of 35kg – dominant hand Minimum of 33kg – sub dominant
hand (3 attempts given)
Flexibility test: Ability to reach toe line whilst sitting and stretching with legs straight
In addition to this you will demonstrate your cardiovascular ability by completing a step test;
Phase 1 Aerobic warm up
Phase 2 Step test whilst carrying a 10kg kettlebell
– Compression only CPR (you will be shown technique)
– Step test whilst carrying 2x 14kg kettlebells (one in each hand)
Your heart rate will be monitored throughout Phases 1 & 2 of the step test.

Where can I apply?

Apply online via searching for ‘WMAS’.

What is it like being a Paramedic with WMAS?

Listen to our staff explain. You can also watch this video in Arabic, Mandarin and Urdu. 

An alternative method of training to become a Paramedic is to study at at the University of Wolverhampton, University of Worcester,  Staffordshire University and Coventry University  as a student paramedic. Watch this promotional video to listen to what students think about studying paramedic science at university:

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If you have any other questions about the Student Paramedic programme, please contact our Recruitment Team:

Telephone: 01384 989452