CFR’s Car Wash in Leamington


  1. I am 68, retired and physically fit. As the maximum age limit to be a community first responder is 70, am I already too old to apply? I live in Malvern Wells and would like to give something to the community.
    Best regards
    Derwyn Roberts

    1. Hi Mr Roberts…
      Thank you for your enquiry – we have passed it to our community response manager for the area and asked him to get in touch.
      Kindest regards

  2. Hi I would love to be able to work with you and give something back to the community I currently live in wythall b47 so close to redditch, bromsgrove and birmingham

    1. Hi Ian…thank you for your kind offer. We have a number of community first responder schemes in your area that you may want to look at. Alternatively, you might want to look at supporting Midlands Air Ambulance who obviously provide us with air ambulances. Hope that helps

  3. Hi how do i volunteer to become a 1st responder in the Hereford area i am 57years old physical fit and have just successfully completed my FREC 3 course

    1. Good morning Jeremy…
      Apologies for the delay in responding.
      The Trust is about to start rolling out a new registered qualification for CFRs which enhances the training that is currently on offer.
      This will be advertised on NHS Jobs as and when it available.
      Given the current pandemic, this may be delayed unfortunately.
      Sorry, we can’t be more helpful currently.

  4. Hello, I live in Hereford and would like to become a CFR. Could I have the details of my local manger so I can find out more information please.

    Regards Connor

  5. Good afternoon I used to be the CFR for Pendock and Berrow area until I had to change my job which stopped me doing it. I am now back doing a job in the area and would like to know if the scheme is still going and wether I can re apply.

    1. Hi Martin…
      Thanks for your enquiry and apologies for the delayed response.
      We are just about to start rolling a new CFR qualification – if you keep an eye on NHS Jobs all new opportunities will be advertised there.
      Thanks very much

  6. Hello I am very interested in becoming a CFR in Herefordshire. I have always had an interest in emergency first aid and was awarded young first aider of the year 2008 by St John’s Ambulance. How would I go about starting the process?

    1. Hi Robert…
      We’ve passed your message and contact details onto the team that look after our CFRs and asked them to respond to you directly.

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