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Ensuring our children have all of the skills that they need to do well in life is every parent’s hope.

As such, knowing how to look after yourself and your loved ones in case of an emergency has got to be a key priority.

At West Midlands Ambulance Service, we are committed to working with all of our local communities to try and promote health and wellbeing whatever your age.

backtoschool4_011013As part of this, we are sometimes able to offer visits from our staff to schools and other groups to help you understand how your ambulance service works.



If you would be interested in arranging for us to visit, please fill out the Visit Request Form and return to the address shown on the right.

Please note that due to the number of requests we receive, we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to attend all events.

We need to plan in advance, as resources as we do not have full-time staff to cater for these visits.

Contact Details

Picture of school pupil practising putting arm in bandage Visit Request Form

Commercial Education & Training Department
Broomhall Centre
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Email:  Training Bookings

Telephone:  01782 338672
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