Control room staff

We have two Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs); one in Brierley Hill in Dudley and the other in Stafford. In EOC, there are the staff who answer 999 calls (call assessors) and then there are the staff who send our staff and vehicles out to 999 calls across the West Midlands (dispatchers/controllers).

As a call assessor, when you receive a 999 call, you are responsible for recording the right information, often under difficult circumstances and offering advice or reassurance to the caller/patient. You enter details on to a computer system which categorises the seriousness of the illness or injury, to ensure that the most critical patients receive the fastest response.

On the other side of the room, our controllers/dispatchers then coordinate the best response to the 999 call by looking at where the nearest ambulance, helicopter, paramedic officer or specialist team are. Deciding which type of ambulance response needs sending will depend on the type of 999 call and will often mean juggling multiple incidents at once.

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