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  1. I would like to thank the 2 female medics who saved me after a heart attack on the 1st of August this year, and rushed me to Walsgrave hospital at 9am from Eagle Street Coventry. Thank you. Please get in touch. Qadeer Hanid 07946606634

    1. Thank you for your kind words Qadeer and it’s great to hear that you are doing well now. We’ll make sure that we pass the message to the staff concerned. Thanks again

      1. Thanks for my attention last night and my apologies for making you work on Xmas day wonderful people all of you 👍

  2. I would like to speak to the ambulance team about when my father died in Coventry on the 1st February 2018 in Coventry West Midlands 07403 701601 l am trying to ascertain when the ambulance services visited him

  3. If possible please pass on our sincerest gratitude to the 3 ambulance men (1 was in training) who came out In coventry, to my Nan at 3:15am this morning (27/6/18) and we’re so wonderful with her. We were all very scared and they were wonderful and calm and looked after us all. Also thanks for the quick response

    1. Hi Emma…thank you so much for getting in contact. We’ve passed your message onto the right department and they should be in touch soon to get all the details so that we can pass your message onto the crew. Thanks again

  4. Hi We are going to be starting work on a construction site in October on Rowley Road Coventry, we were wondering whether somebody from the ambulance service would like to come in prior to us starting on site so that should the need arise where we do require ambulance support you would be aware of the site requirements. My email is

  5. I would like to thank both Jessie Conquer and Steve Cooper who rushed me to uhcw on thursday night suffering from a heart attack. Not only did they keep me calm all along they were also very good to my husband and girls keeping them calm also. They went the extra mile and even popped onto the ward the next day to see how I was. I will be eternally grateful to you both. Annette Rushton

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments Annette – we’ll make sure we pass them on to the staff. Thanks again.

  6. I would like to thank the 2 ambulance crew for their vital support on evening of 5th January when they attended my property to help me, the most kind and understanding crew who went above and beyond to give a 1st class service, wish our vital services were funded and rewarded adequately.
    Thank you so much

  7. I would like to say hi and thank you to the wonderful Paramedics Alice and Flo,who looked after me when I had chest pains and took me to Warwick Hospital last Monday night. You two girls are fantastic and do a cracking job. Kindest Louise Price x

    1. I would like to thank the crew who came to my aid on the 11th September. I was in hospital for three weeks and under went a triple heart bypass and now recovering and doing rehab. The service I received was outstanding as you would expect.

  8. On behalf of my father could I please say thank you to the off duty paramedic who came to the rescue when my dad collapsed in the car park at Cannon Park at around midday on Wednesday 27th March. He can’t believe his luck that the person who helped him that day knew that he was having a heart attack and that he knew exactly what to do. The ambulance service was stellar as always. We’ve been trying to think of a way to find his benefactor but without success. My father would like to thank him himself but I’m afraid he is still unwell and not up to writing anything.

    1. Hi Jane…
      Many thanks for your kind words.
      We’ve identified the staff concerned and will make sure that they get a copy of your message.
      Thanks again

  9. I would like to thank the two gentlemen from Coventry hub who came to get my mum up after a fall and check her over on Friday 4 October. Their service was exceptional – kind, friendly, reassuring, and efficient. My mum who is 95 fortunately hadn’t broken anything – she has been talking about her ‘angels’ ever since.

  10. I was rushed to hospital on Thursday evening by two paramedics from Coventry hub. I think the lady was training I was having a heart attack and I know they both asked if they could wheel me to cath lab where my heart first stopped beating . I think they might have stayed until they knew I was going to be ok . I’d love to thank them both x

  11. I would like to thank two female paramedics (one newly qualified) that looked after me on Saturday evening 26/10/19 after going into anaphylaxis. I couldn’t have asked to be cared for any better, you listened to me and understood my situation in regard to my allergy to chlorine based products. You are both a credit to the service and thank you for helping me recover.

  12. I would like to give an enormous thank you to the two wonderful paramedicsboth called Matt, who took my Dad to hospital on 15th March 2020. They were thorough, kind and supportive. My Dad spent just under 3 weeks fighting a number of infections, but sadly passed away on Friday 3rd April. Thank you so much xxx

  13. It was lovely to meet some of the hard working ambulance crews at the Coventry Hub when we delivered some care packages. It was the pleasure of the Coventry Avanti Team to donate packages of toiletries and refreshments as a thank you for all you do.

  14. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the ambulance crew who responded and took me to Walsgrave hospital in the early hours of Saturday 12/9/20 who diagnosed I had a heart problem. Your service and professionalism was excellent.

  15. On Saturday 5th June we had a paramedic team come to our aid in around 2 minutes after our 999 call. Our 4 month daughter had a febrile convulsion fit.

    My husband, Innes and I wanted to particularly thank the team who came so quickly and managed to take our daughter, Marie, to hospital within 15 minutes.

    We are extremely grateful for your help and wanted to pass on our thanks.

    Unfortunately I do not remember the names of our paramedics but please do pass on our gratitude, not just for their skill in helping Marie but for calming us down also.

    She is recovering well now on antibiotics and is back to her usual self.

  16. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the crew of the two ambulances that came out to me on Wednesday 20 October 2021 to Barker Butts Lane, after I had suffered a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing, they brought me back. Thank you so much x

    1. We would like to thank paramedics Molly and Ellen for the care that they provided for my dad and the kind words that they provided to my mum on the evening of the 19th March 2022. We would also like to thank you for your exemplary service that the ambulance service provides.

      1. Hi Rita, thank you so much for taking the time to message. We’d be more than happy to pass on your kind words to the crew. Would you be able to provide the address that we were called please in order to correctly identify the right ambulance crew?

  17. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Sam (student) and Danielle (paramedic) who came out to me in Earlsdon on Friday 23 December 2022 in the evening after I had a fall at home. They were great company and kept me talking and even laughing on the way to hospital. Thank you so much Sam and Danielle

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