1. Thank you for the care we received when we had a non blue light callout to my husband case id 2824 .They were lovely and although couldn’t give any more pain relief they have tips and reassurance which helped.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Pat. We’ll be in touch directly so that we can get a few more details to identify the staff and will then pass on your kind words to them. Thanks again

    1. Case no 2836. A huge thank you to the team who came out yesterday in response to my Covid issues. As well as being thorough their kindness and empathy were most reassuring. They are a real credit to the NHS and please pass on my thanks to the both.

  2. I’d like to say a massive thank you to Jodie and Amy who recently responded to a non blue light call regarding my father’s sugar levels, after they suddenly increased dramatically for no apparent reason. He is a type 2 diabetic who also suffers from dementia and bladder cancer and has had recent hospital visits. I have retired to care full time for Dad and both of us were hugely impressed with the professionalism, expert advice, reassurance and kindness they showed to us. They were thorough, made sure every detail was covered in checking Dad’s health and showed excellent people skills in how they helped us. They are a credit to their profession and we very much appreciate the way helped us through a worrying few hours until Dad was OK.

  3. My husband’s case number was 1049. We had need of your 999 ambulance service this morning, (5/4/2020).
    Two of your female paramedics attended my husband. They were pleasant, polite, efficient, patient and effective. They treated my husband with dignity and respect. Please pass on our comments to the official personnel who need to hear this.
    Tom and carol.

    1. Good morning to you both…
      Firstly, I hope you are on the mend Tom.
      Thank you so much for getting in touch. Our crews really appreciate hearing comment such as that as very often they have no idea what happened to their patient.
      We’ll make sure we pass it on to the crew.
      Thanks again

  4. Case ID 0460 26/04/2020.My husband had to call the ambulance this morning,I was having a hypo,and he could not get me to respond.Dan&Ali came,delightful service,very efficient,gave me glycogel and stayed with me until my blood sugar was 5.6.You d think after being Type 1 diabetic for nearly 50yrs.Id know better!!Anyway just to say a massive Thank You to WMAS Lichfield and Dan and Ali in particular.Applause Applause and massive hugs to you all guysxxx

  5. Case ID 0394. An ambulance was sent to me after I had called 111. It was with me very quickly and the 2 lady crew were marvelous. I was feeling strangely unwell and they gave me a very thorough check over and were able to reassure me that all my major functions were fine. They were prepared to take me to hospitals for further check ups if i wished and gave me time to consider this option, which I declined, They advised me to contact my GP if the symptoms persisted but not to hesitate to call 111 again should the symptoms suddenly recur. Amazing I don’t know how they do it. They made me feel that I was there only priority.
    I have never had an ambulance attend me before in my 72 years I can’t thank the crew enough for there help.

  6. Case ID: HYA9DNNBH
    Huge thank you to Karl & Liam from the WMAS, yesterday our 7 month old son was choking on a small piece of plastic wrapper which one of our other kids had accidentally dropped on the floor. Whilst my partner was trying to remove said item I called 999, the ambulance arrived in minutes and both Karl & Liam were fantastic, very calm- professional- informative & friendly, which was rewarded with a lovely cup of tea. My partner had managed to remove the lodged item from our sons throat before they arrived (amazing wife to be) but the guys did all their checks etc to make sure our boy was ok and safe. Our ambulance service are amazing and deserve so much respect and care. Keep up the fantastic work guys/ gals 👍🏻
    Thank you 😊

  7. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to your amazing crew that responded to our 999 call on the 27/06/2020. Liam & Karl you were amazing.
    Following our baby (7months old) choking on a piece of plastic wrapper that he had found on the floor, dropped by one of our older children. I had managed to get it out before the crew arrived (I have BLS & paediatric first aid training) but to see them pull outside was a huge relief for me & my partner. They took the time to check our son over & reassure both myself & my partner. They both are a real credit to your team & please pass on our thanks & gratitude & good luck to Karl with your paramedic training, you are already an amazing paramedic in our eyes.

  8. A huge thank you to Sally and Danny who tended to my Mother yesterday (6/7/2020) in Whitestone. We had to call 999 when she needed further hospital treatment. They were very thorough whilst managing to keep her spirits up. They are a credit to the nhs.

  9. The paramedics called yesterday as my neighbour (101) had fallen. They were cheerful, professional and very helpful. Case ID: BZTE5NSCM. I agree with all the above statements and our ambulance service is amazing

  10. Case ID-2561. 28th July 2020 @ 1945. As always an absolutely fantastic service. The care and compassion shown and given not only to my daughter (the patient), but also to myself. You are all absolute heroes. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you all. God bless the NHS X

  11. Case 2375 a massive thank you to Linda & John for their exceptional service today. They were lovely with my elderly mum who was unwell & very scared. You were very kind and respectful towards my mum. She is so grateful. Well done guys- great job

    1. Thanks very much for contacting us Linda. We’ll make sure the staff involved get a note of your kind words.

  12. Angela i would like to thank Richard and Grant for all that done for me thay where very helpful and made me very good as they could not do anything more to make me feel better i have never had this service before it was great to have people who care thank you both very much

  13. I had to call for an ambulance last Friday, I would just like to thank Richard and Grant who made me feel very comfortable and done every thing they could for me , their should be more people out there like them. Thanks again x

  14. Case ID 5QTP1WEDH
    My 80 year old mother lives alone.
    She woke up on Tuesday morning in extreme pain and feeling very nauseous.
    Unable to contact either myself or brothers she called 111.
    The service she received was fantastic.
    The two staff who called to her were patient caring and put my mom at ease .
    Thank you so much

  15. Paul 84 years old of Litmarsh Hereford.
    What a wonderful service by two experts who arrived within half an hour of my wife’s call following my collapse. They were brilliant and very efficient. They spotted the problem very quickly and this was confirmed by my heart specialist the next day. Wonderful men Matt? and ? . Thank you both. We need more of them in the health service.

  16. We dialled 111 to ask for advice as my husband didn’t feel well with chesty cough and pains in his upper back and neck while speaking to the operator a ambulance turned up at the house the two ambulance men gave my husband a good examination and they assured him it was not serious advised medication they were extremely professional and kind made us both feel at ease case Id f8kwaspdk thanks to both 111 and the ambulance service

  17. Hi , I would like to thank the two professional paramedics who attended to a call to my husband David who was on day 7th of having covid and not doing very well, they treated him with dignity and gave advice on how to carry on looking after him at home, a big thank you to them both, David is still poorly but making small steps to recovery. Tracy and David . ID REVHIMVGH

  18. After a mechanical fall at 3 pm lying on a hard fall no injuries except a few bruises couldn’t get help as no family nearby decide best option to contact Ambulance, I know I was way down on there priorities list so, I waited and waited, I’m 74 yrs old with lymphodematous legs and knee replacements husband has bone cancer which on the second phone call two hours later told the dispatcher this, four hours later rang ,,,,
    again worried about my husband as I’m his only Carer he’s an Ex ambulance officer 40 yrs in
    ambulance came at 10.30 pm seven half hrs off being very uncomfortable with some pain, Cheeky technicians. , but helpful ,,,just angry about the length off call out ,,,, I feel a bit upset. To say the least.

    1. Hi Jennifer…
      Thank you for your comment and I can but apologise for the very difficult situation you describe.
      I have passed your comment onto our patient experience team along with your email address and asked them to get in contact with you.

  19. A big Thank you to Martin Barry and Daniel Weston for the great care shown to me when my hip came out of its socket I could not praise these two men enough Gill Knight Kenilworth

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