1. Hi, I just want to say I support you all 100%, I had the unfortunate situation where I had to cross over into your world 6months ago, I came across a motorbike accident, as a Coventry City Council full first aider lent my assistance, the extent of the injury was gruesome, but I did try to preserve life. I am fortunate that I have had counselling available to me but it has taken 6months to start moving on, you guys have to do that every day, I am in total support of you strike action..and use my story if it helps. God bless you all, and I just hope this excuse of a Government see sense. Kind regards Patricia Pregely.

    1. Hi Patricia…
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      It sounds like a very difficult case, so it’s good to know that you got the support you needed after offering your assistance at the scene.
      Do take care and thank you once again.

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