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The new Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service Contract will commence on 1st May 2017.

What is Non-Emergency Patient Transport?

Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) Services provide free NHS transportation for patients who have a medical need and cannot transport themselves by any other method. NEPT Services are commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Groups for eligible patients only and provide a range of services to meet the needs of patients and the NHS.

NEPT provision is to ensure patients receive safe, timely, comfortable transport to their destination, without detriment to their medical condition.

Patient Eligibility

You should make your own way to and from healthcare services, unless there is a medical reason why you cannot use private or public transport. All patients for NEPT services will have their eligibility checked. The only exception to this is when a patient is determined by a clinician as ‘end of life’ and requires transportation to a preferred place of death, where death is imminent. No patient groups automatically qualify for NEPT and it is the responsibility of the patient or those acting on their behalf to demonstrate how they meet the Eligibility Criteria.

Patients for NEPT will be required to meet the Eligibility Criteria that has been developed from the Eligibility Policy. The criteria explores the patients medical need for NEPT and if unsuccessful patients will be directed to alternative methods of transportation, including:

  • Friends and Family
  • Public Transport
  • Community Transport providers
  • Ring and Ride transport
  • Volunteer Services
  • Taxis
  • Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme

Patient Mobility

Patients who have been assessed as eligible will be accommodated by NEPT into the categories below. The NEPT service is applicable to categories B, C and D only.


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Service Expectations

The following are the quality expectations of the NEPT service.

Quality Measure Threshold
Patients receive text status notifications by SMS text for every journey (those signed up to SMS notifications) 100%
Patient not signed up to SMS text service receive telephone call alert 20 minutes prior to inward journey collection to confirm pick up 100%
Planned pick up inward journey: Patient collected within 30 minutes of scheduled collection time 90%
Arrival: Patient to be on time for their appointment 90%
Same day collection inward & outward journey: Patient collected within 120 minutes of agreed booking request being accepted or patient readiness notification 90%
Planned collection outward journey: Patient collected within 30 minutes of scheduled collection time 90%
Quick response same day collection: The provider shall collect patients form Emergency Departments or Clinical Decisions Unit/ Acute Medical Unit for same day requests within 30 minutes of the scheduled collection time or patient readiness notification. 95%
Patient time on vehicle is no more than 60 minutes within 15 miles 95%
Eligibility Criteria applied 100%

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