Staff Networks

The Trust is proud to have a number of networks, which work towards making the organisation an even more diverse and inclusive place and also allow staff to develop and find a shared consensus of belonging.

LGBT+ Network

The LGBT+ Network is the West Midlands Ambulance Service Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Network. The network supports any staff who identify as being LGBT+ and encourages staff to be their authentic selves.

Chairperson: Ash Deakins

HR Manager Buddy: Louise Jones

Executive Sponsor: Karen Rutter

ONE Network

The ONE Network is the identifying name for the West Midlands Ambulance Service Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) support group for all staff who identify from this background including allies who are supportive of the aims of this network.

Chairperson(s): Karina Graham & Keeling Hutton

HR Manager Buddy: Chaz Dheensa

Executive Sponsor: Jeremy Brown

Women’s Network

The Women’s Network aims to ensure that staff who identify as women, and advocates of women, feel supported as well as providing support and inspiration to others as well as an opportunity to learn from each other and network.

Chair person(s): Rebecca Godfrey & Sonia Bhattle

HR Manager Buddy: Suman Bhambra-Thompson

Executive Sponsor: Michelle Brotherton

Disability, Carers and Advocates Network

The Disability, Carers and Advocates Network (DCA) aims to promote a disability positive environment for all staff who are disabled and provide mutual support for staff with disabilities which are hidden or apparent, and also those who have carer responsibilities.

Chairperson: John Eames

HR Manager Buddy: Stephanie Simister

Executive Sponsor: Nathan Hudson

Military Network

The Trust Military Network is open to all and not just limited to those who serve or have served encourages anyone who wants to be involved whether they have friends or family in the military, parents, grandparents or children who have served or just an interest in the armed forces and coming together as a network.

Chairperson: Tim Atherton

HR Manager Buddy: Rachel Bishop

Executive Sponsor: Murray MacGregor