Information for hospitals

The following video explains what to do if you receive a PACKMaN trial patient at your hospital.

A poster that can also be printed and displayed in your emergency department is available here.

What is the study?

PACKMaN is a double-blind, randomised controlled trial of ketamine versus morphine for prehospital patients with traumatic pain.

How will we know a patient is in the study?

Crews will use the study name “PACKMaN” at handover, as well as in their electronic patient record.

The patients will be wearing a PACKMaN wristband.

picture of a wrist band
What will the patient have received?

PACKMaN doses will be listed in ml – patients will receive either 1mg/ml morphine or 1.5mg/ml ketamine – to a maximum dose of 20mg morphine or 30mg ketamine.

What analgesia can we use for these patients?

Hospital staff should follow normal clinical practice – which can include morphine, ketamine, or other painkillers. You do not need to unblind and give the same painkiller as the crew.

What if the patient experiences a Serious Adverse Event?

Please notify the trial team of any of the following Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) as soon as you become aware of them:

• Death

• Immediately life threatening

• Hospitalisation/prolongation of existing hospitalisation

• Results in persistent/significant disability or incapacity

• Results in congenital abnormality/birth defect

• Immediate intervention was required to prevent one of the above or is otherwise an important medical condition

SAEs which are related to the traumatic injury do not need to be reported.

To complete a SAE – please click here.

For emergency unblinding, ring the telephone number on the wristband and quote the pack number and “PACKMaN emergency unblinding”.

Trial Contact details:

Tel – 02476 150478 Email –

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