Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is the difference in average pay between the men and women in the workforce. It is different to equal pay, which means you must pay men and women the same for equal or similar work.

As an employer with 250 employees or more, the Trust must now publish gender pay gap data every year. This requirement came into force 6th April 2017 and the latest report can be viewed here WMAS Gender Pay Gap Report 2022.

Employers need to publish six calculations showing:

  • mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • median gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • mean bonus gender pay gap
  • median bonus gender pay gap
  • proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment
  • proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

Mean is the average hourly rate of pay, calculated by adding the hourly pay rate for employees then dividing by the number of employees. Median is the middle hourly pay rate, when you arrange your pay rates in order from lowest to highest.

The data will be required to publish on the WMAS web site and through the government gender pay gap reporting website. The Trust has started preparations on the data for the prescribed compliance date next year.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Templates


Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2021/2022

WMAS Gender Pay Gap Report 2021