Two uniforms, one job

Military - Bec Drackley 1Lance Corporal Bec Drackley is typical of many of the Reserve staff we have within WMAS.  She initially came to the service looking to recruit staff into the Reserves, but was so impressed with the Service that she moved in the opposite direction and is now training to be a paramedic!

In April last year, she was deployed on Exercise Morlancourt 2018, where reservists of the Royal Yeomanry worked with forces from Australia’s 12/16 Hunter Rover Lancers and 10th Light Horse, on an exercise in the searing heat on the High Range Training Area in Queensland.

Bec said: “I was the sole medic on a three-week exercise looking after 50 British And Australian troops.  I went with my attached unit The Royal Yeomanry working with Aussie reserves and the Regular Australian Royal Tank Unit.  It was an incredible experience with loads of learning that I can call on within my journey to becoming a paramedic.

“I am very grateful for the support from WMAS to be able to take part in such exercises which allow me to combine my learning with my role within the reserves which I also greatly value.  We are very lucky to have such a high level of support and I know many other ex-services and current reservists who are equally grateful.”