How you can help!

To help someone who is in cardiac arrest effectively, a defibrillator needs to be found as quickly as possible. For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce by up to 10%.

There are lots of ways you can help:

  • learn how to perform CPR
  • watch the British Heart Foundation’s defibrillator video, so you’re more confident in an emergency
  • encourage your workplace and local community to get a defibrillator

Getting a defibrillator

Having a defibrillator in your workplace or community will help to save more lives.

If you are interested in finding out more about defibrillators and would like our help, please contact our Community Response Managers:

Andy Jeynes – Community Response Manager


Mobile: 07896 175337

Cliff Medlicott – Community Response Manager


Mobile: 07884 050877

There’s also lots of useful information on the British Heart Foundation website too!