Equality Delivery System

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) has been designed by the NHS as a framework improvement tool to support the Trust in driving up equality performance and embed a clear vision for a personal, fair and diverse health and care service into all areas of WMAS.

The EDS will also support the Trust in meeting the equality aspects of the NHS Constitution, the NHS Outcomes Framework, Care Quality Commission’s Essential Standards, and the Human Resources Transition Framework.

Sofia Jabeen, WMAS Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager said:

“The EDS project is an NHS Equality and Diversity Council initiative, supported by the Department of Health. It will be a key project for implementation by April 2012. The Trust is committed to the EDS through the active involvement of staff, public and community organisations in setting objectives and monitoring of performance for equality.”

EDS – How it will work

WMAS will be working with all other NHS Trust and community groups over the next year to implement the EDS to improve the way in which people from different groups are treated as service users, carers and employees. The EDS will be used in every NHS organisation in England meaning that wherever you go for NHS services you will find organisations working to the same set of goals around equality & human rights. These are:

  1. Better Health Outcomes for all
  2. Improved patient access & experience
  3. Empowered, engaged & well-supported staff
  4. Inclusive leadership at all levels

Future Opportunities

In the coming months, there will be opportunities for our staff, patients, carers and representatives from local organisations and communities to help our Trust govern what we do around equality and diversity.  This could mean being involved in rating how well we are performing. It could also mean that you can assist us in providing services that meet the needs of all protected characteristics.

What are protected characteristics?

Protected characteristics refer to all the different groups of people that are covered under the Equality Act 2010 – the main piece of legislation that protects people from discrimination in the UK.

These are:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Gender
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage & Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy & Maternity
  • Religion & Beliefs
  • Sexual Orientation

How you can help

You can be of assistance to the EDS project in the following ways:

  • Being involved in community events to feedback what you think the Trust should be doing better and what is working well.
  • Getting involved on community panels where you will use your expertise to advise WMAS of how it can be responsive to the needs of local communities.
  • Become an EDS Ambassador – help us take this work into the centre of communities and be trained up to deliver talks or workshops to all different groups of people.
  • Just talk to us – if you have an idea or solution to a problem why not tell us, we might be able to use it!

Further Information

EDS 9 Easy Steps

EDS Final Grades Manual 290711

EDS For the NHS

EDS Goals

WMAS evidence related to the NHS EDS Goals:

EDS Goal 1 and 2

  • Better Health Outcomes for all
  • Improved patient access and experience

EDS Goal 3 and 4

  • A representative and supported workforce
  • Inclusive Leadership

Useful Links

Annual Reports – EDI can be found within our Publications