Research Performance

West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust (‘the Trust’) are committed to improving the clinical service we provide and the clinical outcomes for all our patients.  One of the ways in which we continually learn and develop the care we provide, is through the participation in clinical research.  This provides opportunity for our patients and staff to contribute in increasing the knowledge of care delivery within our healthcare environment.

To ensure that we maintain high standards in the conduct and delivery of clinical research, the Trust provides the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) with information on two national benchmarks, on a quarterly basis.  The benchmarks measured by the NIHR are:

  1. Performance in Initiating Clinical Research
  2. Performance in Delivering Clinical Research

These benchmarks are designed to encourage NHS Trusts to initiate clinical research promptly, report delays in initiating new research and ensure that we recruit participants within the agreed timescales.

For additional information on the NIHR Performance in Initiating Clinical Research and Performance in Delivering Clinical Research submission, the metrics measured and the schedule of reporting, please view the guidance documents available at

The most current information that has been reported by the Trust and submitted to the NIHR is available by clicking here.

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