Lateral Flow Testing

Staff will be aware that the Government has now made available to all patient critical NHS staff, self-test kits to participate in additional COVID-19 testing to provide reassurance and clarity around whether they have contracted the virus or not.

The twice weekly testing is voluntary for asymptomatic staff and uses a non-invasive self-test kit.  Each one contains enough equipment for 25 tests which will cover approximately 12 weeks.  By taking part, you will be helping to find people who have the virus but show no symptoms and as a result, will reduce the spread of COVID-19.

How to take the test:

The kits are simple to use, the video and instructions which are available above are there to assist in the process of taking the test and reporting the results.   NHS advice encourages staff to undertake their first test with the assistance of a clinician, many of our staff are clinicians and will be confident to undertake the test having referred to this information.   However, those staff who aren’t a clinician can seek guidance and assistance from clinicians working in their area / location – for example EOC / Fleet / VPOs etc.   For those staff not working in a location with clinicians available, good access to the Flu Vaccinators is available and / or assistance from your immediate supervisor.

Within the kit, you will be asked to record your results on a sheet, but we also require you to log your results on-line.  Please click here to record each of your results immediately after you have taken the test.

If any member of staff tests positive, they should immediately inform their line manager in the same way as they would if they were displaying symptoms and a PCR swab test will be arranged and carried out within 24 hours; in the meantime, the staff member should self-isolate.

For staff who are unable to enter their results on the Teams form online, then an alternative will be to email to  Staff should also maintain a paper record (included with your test kit.)