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MATTS (Major Trauma Triage Tool Study)

This is the candidate national major trauma triage tool which was tested in West Midlands Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Ambulance Service as part of MATTS (Major Trauma Triage Tool Study). Here is the format of the tool, complete with elements 2h and 2i which can be adapted to local contexts as needed:

This image describes the injury assessment tool steps
This describes the notes associated with the Injury assessment tool

Ambulance services can adapt the physical layout, colour, and other elements such as Trust logos to their own requirements as shown below for West Midlands Ambulance Service:

This shows the three stages of the Trauma Triage Tool
Supporting notes

For more information about the study please visit: Project overview | MATTS | The University of Sheffield. For queries about WMAS involvement, please email joshua.miller@wmas.nhs.uk