Millennium Point EOC 5


  1. Been watching ambulance on the tv and despite all the inconvenience calls etc you do an amazing wonderful job and service to the public
    Well done

  2. Hi, I’ve been watching Ambulance on TV – you guys are all amazing and do a terrific job each and every day. Have loved the series and sad that it’s ending next week. Well done and very best wishes to all

  3. I’ve been following the series Ambulance on BBC1 what a fantastic job you are all doing.
    It also highlights how much the NHS need a lot more funding .
    Thank you so much to every single member of this fantastic programme for all your help and dedication shown

  4. You guys and gals are truly amazing at what you do everyday. Me and my wife have loved the ambulance series, amazing insight of those 999 calls you get to your centre everyday. The hoax ones disgust me how resources are wasted taken up. Keep up the great work

  5. Watching the ambulance series on One TV network in Perth, Australia. What a brilliant job you and all your staff do with the limited resources you have available. Originally from Wolverhampton ourselves so it is good to hear a Black Country accent. Think Rachael in call centre is related via her Sister Samantha and partner Matthew who is our nephew. Keep up the good work.👍

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