Trust recognises officers who saved two paramedics

Jordan Eggington – Tuesday 9th November – 9:30am.

The two police officers who arguably saved the lives of Deena Evans and Mick Hipgrave when they were stabbed in 2020 have received prestigious awards from the Trust. 

PC Victoria Gaunt and PC Michael Edge were given Blue Light Commendations by Chief Executive Anthony Marsh at a ceremony in Headquarters recently.  The pair were with Deena and Mick when Martyn Smith came at them with two knives stabbing the pair on 6th July last year.  PC’s Gaunt and Edge were accompanied by their partners and also met up with Mick and Deena at the ceremony. 

Deena said: “It was great to see them again.  We are both so grateful that they were with us on that day. If they hadn’t been, the outcome could have been a lot different.  As well as being there when we needed them most, they were both so good with us after the stabbing providing reassurance and helping us get through it.” 

Trust Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh, added: “Although I met Victoria and Michael not long after the incident, it was a real privilege to be able to recognise them formally for their swift actions which helped to save Mick and Deena.  They undoubtedly put their own lives on the line to save their blue light colleagues, something I will forever be grateful for.  I am also grateful that the footage captured on their Body Worn Cameras played a key role in gaining an admission of guilt from Smith which spared everyone having to go through a trial.”


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