“My Life Goal of Becoming a Paramedic”

Shaunna Farley – 21st December – 9.00am.

A chance meeting five years ago with WMAS Chief Executive Anthony Marsh led to a West Bromwich schoolboy setting his sights on becoming a paramedic.  Today, William Brown has not only left school, but has completed his training and is now saving lives in his chosen career.

William, who is currently working out of Sandwell Hub in West Bromwich, met Mr Marsh while studying at sixth form at the Health Futures UTC (University Technical College) in West Bromwich.   He was in a board meeting at the UTC which William attended where the vital role that paramedics play in the community was discussed.

Following the meeting, William took part in an ambulance cadet programme at the UTC which was tutored by West Midlands Ambulance Service alongside St John’s Ambulance.  The programme allowed students to learn first aid skills and familiarise themselves with what is involved in prehospital care.

William said: “Meeting Mr Marsh inspired me and sparked my interest in the ambulance service.

“Hearing him speak about the service made me realise that patient care begins in the community, not just at the hospital and that paramedics play a vital and active role in delivering this care; I knew immediately this was something I wanted to be a part of.

“This influenced my career plans and I knew I wanted to become a paramedic; it’s a decision which has been life changing to say the least!  It is a journey which has not only fuelled my professional development but shaped my personality.

“This highlights the limitless potential that we hold when we set our minds to a goal. As I start my career I hope to not only serve, but to inspire others and make a positive difference.”

“For anyone considering a career within the ambulance service, if you’re an individual who is caring and passionate about making a difference whilst challenging and developing yourself, this is the time to do so and be part of an innovative change.”

Mr Marsh, met up again with William after the Trust marked Remembrance Day last month.  He said: “The ambulance service has so many fantastic careers available to people from every part of our community.

“Having served as a paramedic on the frontline, I know what a difference our staff can make.  But more than that, the additional skills our paramedics now have, since I worked on the road, make such a difference to the population we serve.

“They are able to treat so many more people at home, reducing the pressure on our hospital colleagues and making sure patients get the care they need in the best place for them.

“The paramedic profession is a relatively young one, but it has so much potential.  I know William embodies that pursuit of providing the best care possible while also increasing the skills that paramedics can bring to patients.

“I am absolutely delighted that our chance meeting five years ago was able to inspire him and I am sure that he will do the same for many other people.”

For anyone who would like more information about becoming a paramedic or one of the many other roles within the ambulance sector, please go to: https://wmas.nhs.uk/careers-staff-room/job-opportunities-2/


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