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Celebrating Our Staff Networks

Shaunna Farley – Friday 12th May 2023 – 1.50pm.

West Midlands Ambulance Service is proud to be celebrating five staff networks across the Trust this week for National Staff Networks Day.

Staff Networks Day, which was held on Wednesday, is a time to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity that these networks bring to the workplace, and the efforts that they make to make the organisation an even more diverse and inclusive place.

Each Network and the designated Chair works towards supporting staff and giving them opportunities to develop their skills, find a sense of collective at work and giving them a voice within the organisation.

The groups have been created to offer a space for individual members of staff to come together to share common interests, experiences and challenges while also providing the opportunity for employees to connect and establish relationships with colleagues within the organisation.

People Director, Carla Beechey said: “I’d like to thank all of our Network Chair’s and all of our members within our networks for everything they do in their contributions and valuable input in the work that they are driving forward.

“We’re pleased to say that as of this year we can support our Networks further, with each network now having a designated HR Buddy and an Executive Sponsor to support them and the networks in their work within the organisation.

“All of the networks do a great job and I would encourage everyone to get involved with one that they feel would support them effectively.”

The Networks within the Trust include:

ONE Network

The ONE Network is the identifying name for the West Midlands Ambulance Service Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) support group for all staff who identify from this background including allies who are supportive of the aims of this network

PROUD Network

The Proud Network is the West Midlands Ambulance Service Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Network. The network supports any staff who identify as being LGBT+ or those who consider themselves to be supportive allies and encourages staff to be their authentic selves.

Women’s Network

The Women’s Network aims to ensure that staff who identify as women, and advocates of women, feel supported as well as providing support and inspiration to others as well as an opportunity to learn from each other and network.

Disability, Carers and Advocates Network

The Disability, Carers and Advocates Network (DCA) aims to promote a disability positive environment for all staff who are disabled and provide mutual support for staff with disabilities which are hidden or apparent, and also those who have carer responsibilities.

Military Network

The Trust Armed Forces Network is open to all and not just limited to those who serve or have served encourages anyone who wants to be involved whether they have friends or family in the military, parents, grandparents or children who have served or just an interest in the armed forces and coming together as a network.

For more information regarding Staff Networks within the Trust, and for further details for staff who wish to join visit our website here.


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