Ambulance crew stabbed in Wolverhampton

Murray MacGregor – Monday 6th July 2020 – 1.35pm.

Two members of ambulance service staff have been stabbed after attending a call out to check on the welfare of a man in Wolverhampton.

The initial call came through at around 12.15pm this lunchtime to an address in Stephens Close.

Shortly after arrival, the crew used their emergency alert to say that they had been stabbed.

Three additional ambulances, two Midlands Air Ambulances and the West Midlands Care Team attended the scene along with three paramedic officers.

The two members of staff, both paramedics, have been treated at the scene by doctors and paramedics and have been taken to hospital for further treatment.

A man who was tasered by police officers at the scene has also been treated by ambulance staff.

More details will be released later.



  1. Hope the crew are both ok there is no need for this nastiness towards anyone sending them both best wishes for a speedy recovery

    1. I agree, they do a fantastic job, for which I have been very grateful for many times, best wishes for a speedy recovery, and so sorry this has happend.

  2. Hope you are all ok!
    What a mad world we are living in.
    Sending prayers to you all 💙💙💙

  3. Thoughts are with those paramedics affected and all attending. Hope the injuries aren’t too serious. With love and thanks to you all for everything you do x

  4. Shame the purpotrators were only tasered, given the severity of the crime they should have been shot.

  5. Absolutely disgusted. Hope the crew are ok. There is just no excuse for this kind of behaviour towards paramedics, police or indeed anyone trying to do their job. Hope the person responsible gets a long sentence !

  6. Disgusting to think these two people went to work today to save peoples lives and end that day needing to be saved their selves.
    Let’s hope the person responsible faces the full force of the law for assault on an emergency worker x2.
    Emergency services lives matter!!!!!!
    Best wishes to both crew and families

  7. bring back the death penalty for these attacks and on children. They will only plead they are not well and get away with it

  8. Disgusting, WHY do people do this , whoever did it needs locking up & the key thrown away. My Best wishes for both crew & families,

  9. Wishing the crew all the best. Hope the full force of the law falls upon the assailant.

  10. Until the full facts are disclosed possible mental issues can’t really pass an opinion, however if this was through other causes I sincerely hope that the legal people hit him with the harshest the law will allow and not pussy foot around if he had” too much orange juice as a child ” we must protect these good people and all people serving the Public .

  11. I do hope they will be OK. Thinking of you all and their families. What a terrible thing to happen. So proud of all of you. Very Best Wishes . Mary x

  12. to the 2 paramedics. i use to work the NHS. i respect you guys on what you do as a paramedic. i hope you will make a full recovery and hope the injuries are not serious. i pray for the 2 paramedics. get well soon. Dan Gradwell. p.s the paramedics makes me soo proud.

  13. It is getting ridiculous..these people are there to help..not get injured..its a shambles..police cant you do something about it…give police the authority to do something..

  14. My husband and I wish this 2 people a speedy recovery, very sad, these 2 people were just doing their jobs, jobs they love doing,xx

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